Brion joined Lemur Networks in August 2003 and quickly identified serious issues with the business which focused on selling large provisioning and network management systems to the US cable industry. Although Brion attempted to refocus the business on a smaller, initial product for cable modem firmware management, Lemur was unsuccessful in selling its products. Brion remained as part of a new management team installed in early 2004 to restart the Lemur business.

Brion conceived the new Lemur business, focused on providing hardware, software and services to simplify home networking and PC support.  As one of four co-founders, Brion managed product management and marketing for the new company launch. Lemur Networks changed its name to Sereniti and launched a series of consumer products aimed at simplifying management of the digital home.

The initial version of the Sereniti service was launched by a regional ISP in May 2005.  With AOL, Sereniti conducted an extensive beta trail of its second generation product that included a custom-designed hardware device containing a full wireless home router and network attached storage capabilities. Sereniti launched a version of this service, rebranded as the EasyCare360 service, in June of 2006.

Sereniti designed and built the AOL Active Security Monitor that has been downloaded and installed in over one million homes.  Sereniti launched an enhanced version of this product, rebranded as the Sereniti NetTrooper product, in December 2006.