Brion worked for Apogee Networks from November 2000 thru May 2002. Brion joined Apogee Networks as a Director of Product Management, to oversee the development and launch of Apogee’s new service provider billing product. At the time, Apogee was looking to expand its existing product (an enterprise network chargeback system) to address the needs of new internet businesses with unique billing requirements.

Unfortunately, just as Brion joined Apogee, the internet “bubble” burst, and many of the new, unique businesses that needed a highly flexible billing system found themselves without funding. Within a few months of Brion taking over responsibility for delivering the new service provider billing product, the funnel of possible sales dropped from over 120 potential customers to less than a handful of surviving companies. At Brion’s recommendation, Apogee regrouped, canceled the service provider billing effort, and refocused on the core enterprise cost-accounting system.

After helping Apogee successfully exit the service provider billing space, Brion worked on the Apogee enterprise chargeback system, defining extensions for accounting for shared storage resources and coordinating a large beta test for a new product version.